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  • WHA IS CVT ?

CVT is a Ferro-Resonant type of transformer known as Constant Voltage Transformer which generates a Sinewave output. The result is instantaneous Voltage regulation with no transient spikes. CVT is the most appropriate remedy & a perfect solution for all machineries electronic equipment’s – Computers, Telecom, Biomedical, Photo labs, Studios, Professional sound, printing etc. 


  Type of Transformer

  Ferro - Resonant Transformer


  50 VA – 10000 VA

  Input Voltage Range

  180V-260V (More Ranges Available on special demand or  request)

  Line Frequency


  Output Voltage Range

  220 / 230 V ±1%

  Output Step Load Response

  2 cycles (30 to 39 m/s)


  90% (approx) on full load

  Output Waveform


  Waveform Distortion

  5% (approx) under full load conditions

  Load Power Factor

  0.75% lag to 0.90% lead

  Effect of Frequency

  1.6% (approx) change in output voltage for every 1% change in
  the line frequency

  Ambient Temperature

  -15º C to 55º C

Note : Due to our continuous R&D the specs here in are subject to change without prior notice.


Battery Chargers

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UPS-Online & Line Interactive


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ARIES On-Line Ups Systems offer clean power and total protection to your costly equipment.
These state-of-the art Double Conversion type UPS Systems employing High Frequency PWM Technique using MOSFET/IGBT as the Main Switching Device for inverters are technically superior UPS system giving Pure Sine Wave Output.
Compact and well engineered, ARIES On-Line UPS have been tried and tested in virtually all applications, and have been found to be extremely reliable and consistent in delivering optimum performance. These systems, besides being easy to install and operate, are simple to maintain, should the need ever arise.

This range of UPS Systems is brought to you by ARIES. Promoted by technocrats having wide experience in the field, ARIES today is an established company with country-wide sales and service network and a product range that commands an enviable record of high MTBF and low MTTR.


  • True On-Line Double Conversion type UPS System
  • VHD Logic employed for the first time in India.
  • High Frequency PWM Design Using IGBT/MOSFET
  • Instantaneous sine wave reference technique for superior over all performance
  • Compact and well engineered architecture
  • Wide input voltage tolerance range suitable for all types and capacities of batteries
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Smooth and silent operation
  • Complete annunciation on the front panel
  • Excellent dynamic response for step load change
  • Short circuit/overload protected
  • Fast correction rate for line and load regulation
  • High inrush/peak current handling capacity
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Superior performance to price analysis




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