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Aries offers a very power efficient, rugged low inertia servo controlled  voltage stabilizer to safe guard  your expensive equipments. It serves  as  a  24 x 7 x 365 watchdog  against power disturbances sophisticated power equipments & entire electric loads form the hazards of low / High Voltage Fluctuations. It assures a  regulated constant Voltage Supply to the entire connected load of any facility. Aries Servo Voltage Stabilizers offers  a unique power saving technology helping in the reduction of MDI & directly reduces the power losses which would bring about Electrical Energy Conservation resulting in reducing Electricity Bills ( Saving Money on Power ) Hence Energy saved is Money saved thereby  helping  in Nation building.
  • Instant Response by an AC Motor for Fast Voltage Correction even on Adverse Supply Conditions Continuously.
  • Maximum Energy Savings Due to High Efficiency & latest Circuitry & Transformer Designs.
  • Best Branded & Highest Quality Raw materials & Components are used.
  • Transformers with Prime Grade CRGO lamination, High Purity of Electrolytic Copper Wires are Used.
  • Connections by Heavy Bus Bars, Strips & Cables.
  • High Speed of Voltage Correction 10 V – 105V/sec.
  • Variable Transformers are Machine Wound with Special Carbon Brushes for longer serving life.
  • Adjustable Output Voltage as per Customers Requirements.
  • Boosts the Production & Performance of Equipment’s, Process Plants & Machineries.
  • Minimal Breakdowns, Tripping & No Time Loss.
  • Directly improves the MDI& functions as a power saver (Moneysaver).
  • 100% Depreciation Claim 100% allowed on Servo Voltage Stabilizer as per Income Tax Department Act/ Relevant sections Provisions can be checked also.
  • The ARIES SERVO VOLTAGE STABILIZER cost can be recovered in a Period of 18-24 months by Saving on Expensive Power & No Failure/damage / breakdown of Equipment due to erratic voltage.
  • ARIES SERVO VOLTAGE STABILIZERs are designed Specially as per customers’ requirements/ conditions.



Fast Voltage Correction Automatically Continuosly
point High Efficiency Saves Energy & Reduces Power Losses.
point Boosts Production & Optimum Performance of Machinery, plant & Equipment.
point Reduces Electricity Bills upto 20 % approximately.
pt Saves Money Wasteage on Diesel cost at High & Low Voltage.
pt Balanced Output Safeguards & Assures Longer Life of valued Equipment.
pt Prevents Frequent Breakdowns, Tripping & Time Loss.
pt Improves MDI & acts as a Power Saver .
pt Recover Servo Stabilizer Cost in 18-24 months approximately.
pt Customised Designing for Specific Requirements.




1 KVA TO 2 KVA (Single phase)

3 KVA TO 3000 KVA (three phase)

Input Voltage Range

160V-260V, 140V-280V, 90V-270V (single phase)

270V-460V, 250V-460V, 150V-460V(three phase)

(other ranges also available as per requirement)

Output Voltage Range

220V/230V/240V Single Phase (Adjustable)

380V/400V/415V Three Phase (Adjustable)

Regulation ±1% or better
Type Air cooled/ Oil Cooled
Frequency (Input Range) 45-55 Hz
Correction Speed 10-105 Volt per Sec.
Response Time <10 ms
Correction Method Stepless Correction through a Variacs
Control Card

Fully Automatic Solid State IC based Glasss

Expoxy Control Card for easy serviceability at site.

Effect of Load Power Factor NIL
Output Wave Form True to Input
Duty Cycle Continuous Duty
Operation Atomatic/Manual
No Load Losses <1%
Ambient Temperature -15°C to 50 °C



Step 1 : Account all Resistive Loads
Step 2 : Account All Reactive Loads.
Step 3 : Account A/C Units Tonnage x 2
Step 4 : Account all Motors, Pumps & Lifts HP x 3


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